Continuous low temperature! What should your excavator pay attention to?

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The maintenance of machinery must not be careless, because the colder the weather, the more attention should be paid to maintenance of the machinery in order to avoid damage to the machinery and prolong the life of the excavator. So, how to prevent mechanical damage in winter?
Method 1: Warm up in advance
I believe many people understand this truth, that is, when the weather is cold in winter, if you want to use machinery to work, you must preheat it in advance. There are two types of preheating. Turn it on, and then inject hot water of about 90 degrees into the cooling system to preheat the engine, heat the water while running the water, and wait until the temperature of the released water reaches 30 to 40 degrees. The second is steam preheating, that is, the steam is introduced into the lower water chamber of the radiator, enters the cooling system or is directly introduced into the engine cooling water jacket, and a steam pipe or radiator is added in the crankcase to preheat the lubricating oil.
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Method 2: Pay attention to heat preservation
Excavators, especially the heat preservation of the engine are very important during operation. The temperature of the engine should be kept between 80 degrees and 90 degrees during work. In winter, if this temperature cannot be guaranteed, an adjustable radiator should be installed on the engine Insulated curtains, with blinds to block drafts. In addition to the engine, the battery should also be kept warm when the temperature is low in winter to avoid frostbite. In winter, a wooden insulated box should be installed for the battery, or covered with thermal insulation. If it is not troublesome, remove the battery when not in use. Putting it down indoors is the best choice.
Method 3: Pay attention to antifreeze
In the excavator, some places are easy to store water, which will be frozen after a long time, which will cause great damage to the machinery, so we must pay attention to antifreeze, such as the cooling system and braking system. After the operation stops, it should be waterproofed in time or Add antifreeze. In the brake system, the compressed gas produced by the compressor will expand in the air storage tank and emit some water. After stopping working, these water rooms will often freeze in the air storage tank, pipelines, and various valves. Therefore, after stopping working, Denatured alcohol should be filled in these places and the water in the air tank should be drained to prevent freezing.

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Method 4: Pay attention to anti-slip
Even if there is no snow in winter, there will often be ice on the ground. If it is a crawler excavator, it is relatively better, but the wheel excavator is not so optimistic. The road surface of wheel excavators is relatively slippery in winter. Anti-skid chains should be installed at all times, and the air pressure of the tires should also be appropriate. Do not over-inflate the tires, and avoid dangerous behaviors such as sudden braking and sharp turns when driving.
In general, the temperature is low and the weather is cold now. When using an excavator, you must pay attention to safety. While ensuring your own safety, you must also do a good job of maintaining the machinery to avoid damage to the machinery due to the low temperature, otherwise it will cost you money in the future. The money to repair is not worth the candle.

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