Details determine success or failure, tips for winter maintenance of loaders

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Winter is here, which is a big challenge for loaders. Low temperatures and moisture can cause mechanical failure and accidents. Therefore, it is important to perform winter maintenance on the loader in time.
Here are some tips for winter maintenance of loaders:
1. Add antifreeze: Add antifreeze to tires, cooling systems, etc. in time to prevent freezing and cracking in low-temperature environments. At the same time, check to add the right amount and don’t add too much.

2. Change the engine oil: According to the usage time and conditions, replace the engine oil and hydraulic oil in advance, and choose low-viscosity oil suitable for winter to ensure fluidity.
3. Keep warm and dry: You can use an insulation cover to keep the battery warm, and wipe the electrical connectors regularly to prevent moisture to ensure good contact. Check the waterproofness and warmth of the car body and reinforce it if necessary.
4. Strengthen inspections: Increase the frequency of routine inspections, focus on checking the coolant, antifreeze, brake system, etc., and deal with any problems in a timely manner. 5. Clean the car body: Clean the body garbage and mud in time to prevent blocking the rotating parts and facilitate troubleshooting.
5. Store well: the storage area should be dry and ventilated to prevent freezing. Place moisture-proof materials to prevent rain and snow from entering.
7. Test run: Test run the engine every week to ensure system flexibility, for at least 10 minutes. If not used for a long time, drain the fuel and brake fluid to prevent coagulation. Doing these small details on time can help the loader survive the cold winter smoothly, maximize efficiency and avoid accidents! I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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