Excavator standard operation manual, essential!

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1. Before the bucket leaves the ground, do not carry out the next step such as turning and walking, which needs to be completed step by step.

2. When the excavator is working, it is strictly prohibited to carry out maintenance, fastening and other work at the same time. If there is abnormal noise, odor, overheating and other conditions during the work, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

3. When the excavator rotates, it should rotate smoothly, use the rotary clutch and the rotary mechanism brake to cooperate, and it is strictly prohibited to suddenly turn and emergency braking.

4. When the crawler excavator moves, the arm rod should be placed in front of the direction of travel, and the height of the bucket from the ground should not exceed 1 meter.

5. When the excavator goes uphill, the driving wheel should be located behind and the arm rod should be located above; When the excavator goes downhill, the driving wheel should be located in the front and the arm rod should be located in the rear. When going downhill, you should drive at a slow and uniform speed, and no change of speed is allowed.

6. When the top pulley of the arm rod is maintained, repaired, lubricated and replaced, the arm rod should be placed on the ground.

7. In digging operations, the depth of soil eaten each time should not be too deep, and the bucket should not be too fierce, so as not to damage the machinery or cause overturning accidents. When the bucket falls, be careful not to go too fast, so as not to cause the frame to be unstable and the whole machine to shake back and forth.

8. Excavator walking turn should not be too urgent, if the bend is too large, should be divided into turns, step by step.

9. The workers who clean the bottom, flatten and repair the slope with the excavator must work outside the turning radius of the excavator. If it must work within the rotation radius of the excavator, the excavator must stop the rotation and turn off the pilot switch before it can work. At the same time, the personnel on and off the plane should closely cooperate to ensure safety.

10. When operating the excavator, wear a safety belt, wear a helmet, and keep your attention focused, do not distract yourself, such as answering the phone or eating.

11. Vehicles and pedestrians shall not be parked within the loading range of the excavator. If you need to unload materials to the truck, you should wait until the truck stops and the driver leaves the cab before turning the bucket and unloading materials to the car. When the excavator is turning, the bucket should be avoided from the top of the cab. When unloading, the bucket should be as low as possible, but be careful not to collide with any part of the truck.

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