Five maintenance tips for used excavators starting in spring, save worry and money!

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The earth is getting warmer, and spring work will start soon. For excavator operators, most of the working time is spent with our equipment, so the maintenance of excavator equipment is very important. After all, it is the excavator that earns you money.
As the old saying goes, "Three-point machine and seven-point maintenance", no matter what brand of equipment, maintenance is very important. Let me give you an example. Two identical 6-ton excavators can cost 40,000 to 50,000 yuan higher after three years of maintenance.
Everyone knows the conventional maintenance methods. The cleaning and replacement time of each maintenance part is clearly indicated in the excavator manual. Carrying out maintenance according to the instructions in the manual can provide more thoughtful protection for the excavator.
What Juexiang said today is not the conventional excavator maintenance method, but a few tips, which cannot be easily found in the manual or Baidu. Let’s see how many do you know?

1. Hydraulic travel rotation system
Replace the hydraulic oil, oil return filter element, and pilot filter element according to the prescribed maintenance cycle, and pay attention to whether there are iron filings and copper filings on the filter element. When using the breaker, the deterioration of the hydraulic oil is accelerated, and the replacement cycle should be shortened, and it is not possible to work without oil for a long time. Slewing reducer, travel reducer replace gear oil periodically. Remember to check whether the pin bolts are loose, falling off or missing every day, and tighten them in time.
In addition, the engine oil is a precaution to be checked every morning before starting work. Check whether the amount of engine oil in the oil pan of the machine is within the specified range after the engine oil has been reflowed overnight.
In the north, antifreeze is put in the water tank in winter. Before starting work every morning, it is also necessary to check whether there is antifreeze in the water tank. In spring and summer, the water in the tank also needs to be checked every day. the
In addition to checking the engine oil and antifreeze, daily maintenance also involves buttering. Since the excavator buckets move more frequently, they also need to be maintained every day. Butter eyes in other parts, such as the arms and forearms, only need to be maintained once a week.
The oil-water separator also needs to be maintained every day. Since the density of water is greater than that of oil, it has been deposited overnight. When it comes in the morning, the piston must be opened to drain the precipitated water, so as not to affect the normal operation of the machine. the
2. Install shaft pin dust ring (dust oil seal)
After the excavator has been used for several years, the pins of the bucket are worn out, especially the equipment that is not buttered before work every day. Excavators deal with sand, gravel and soil every day, so sand can easily enter the shaft pin and aggravate wear. The original excavator generally installs dust-proof rings on each shaft pin of the working device, but this thing is also easy to damage, so it needs to be checked and replaced frequently.
You can use rubber tubes (gas tanks, pilot hydraulic oil tubes), wear iron wires inside and lock the shaft pins, and the dustproof effect is not bad.

3. Install diesel filter element
The construction machinery that works on a monthly basis is generally supplied with oil by the construction site. We all know that the quality of diesel on the construction site is not guaranteed, and it is still somewhat different from that of PetroChina and Sinopec. Therefore, it is necessary to install a diesel filter on equipment that uses diesel on the construction site for a long time. There are two main advantages in doing so. The first is that it can provide good protection for the engine and diesel pump, and the second is that it can prolong the service life of the original car filter element.
It should be noted that the installed filter element is best installed before the original car filter element, that is, the diesel oil comes out of the fuel tank and is first filtered through the installed filter element.
4. Clean the radiator frequently
With the arrival of spring, some excavators will start to suffer from the problem of high temperature. In fact, many excavator high-temperature faults are caused by the radiator. One of the most common reasons is that the radiator is not cleaned frequently. Over time, more and more dirt accumulates inside, blocking most of the blades. Poor ventilation of the radiator causes high temperature. These dirt will become more and more difficult to clean in the later stage.
Therefore, when maintaining the excavator, it is necessary to clean each radiator. You can use the water gun to reduce the pressure for flushing, or use the air pump for flushing.
A radiator that is cleaned frequently will not accumulate thick dirt, is also more convenient to clean, and can maintain a good heat dissipation capacity.

5. Mud in the travel motor
The gear oil of the travel reducer is generally replaced at 500 hours, which is marked in the excavator manual. However, the manual does not tell us when to clean up the garbage in the walking motor. First look at this walking motor, which has been "flooded" by the mud.
The sealing performance of the cover plate of the walking motor is not very good. Long-term "playing with mud" or wading operations are easy to seep into the sediment. If it is not cleaned for a long time, this part of the space outside the walking motor may even be filled up. These sediments will continuously corrode and rub the hydraulic oil pipes and hydraulic motors. You can see that the exterior of the oil pipe joint box motor is covered with thick rust, which will greatly shorten the life of the oil pipes and affect the heat dissipation of the travel motor.
Therefore, it is recommended that you open the cover once a year to clean up the mud, and you can also apply butter on the oil pipe joint box travel motor to prevent rust.
Maintaining equipment is like a woman maintaining herself. If you treat it well, it will give you back better. Otherwise, why can a 60-year-old man in this world live to look like a 20-30-year-old? This is the charm of maintenance.

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