Get the Job Done with Quality Used Mini Excavators

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used equipment does not necessarily mean functional failure. The high-quality used small excavators distributed by our company can completely help you complete various construction tasks.

Our used small excavators are all from well-known brands in the industry, made of high-quality materials, with solid chassis and stable construction capabilities. Major mechanical systems and steel cables were replaced to accommodate long periods of heavy construction.

In terms of operation,used small excavators are equipped with sensitive joysticks and precise hydraulic systems, which can complete precise operations. Functions such as directional drilling and tilt correction are available, fully meeting construction needs.

In addition, the used small excavators we provide can also be equipped with various accessories, such as drilling bits, rotary diggers, hooks, etc., to help you easily complete trenching, leveling, hoisting and other tasks. The excavation range covers 4-7 meters to meet the needs of various projects.


Choose our used small excavators, which are not only affordable, but also have uncompromised functionality and performance. Before delivery, we will also conduct comprehensive maintenance and debugging to ensure its expected performance.

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