How about Hitachi zx120 excavator?

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How aboutHitachi zx120 excavator? Recently, many friends have asked me about the price and performance of theHitachi zx120 excavator. I will briefly talk to you today.
Hitachi zx120 excavatoris a 12-ton series of small and medium-sized excavators. Because this excavator has a wide operating range, it is very popular among excavator friends.

Some friends who have just started to work as excavators basically started with small and medium-sized excavators. If you want to buy a 12-ton excavator, you must not only choose the Hitachi zx120 excavator. The mainstream brands and models of 12-ton excavators include Carter 312, Komatsu 120, Komatsu 130, Volvo 140, Kobelco 140, etc. So what are the advantages of Hitachi zx120 excavator? That is why many friends report that the Hitachi 120 excavator is fuel-efficient.

Is the Hitachi 120 excavator really fuel-efficient?

Hitachi excavators mainly use Isuzu engines, which are indeed fuel-efficient and easy to maintain and cheap. But many people say that Hitachi has a problem, and that is oil leakage. But as long as it is properly maintained, Hitachi oil leakage is not as serious as everyone says, and the oil leakage may be exaggerated.
In fact, any machine will have oil leakage, depending on how it is maintained. Hitachi excavators have the advantages of low fuel consumption, high speed and high efficiency. Therefore, many excavator friends choose Hitachi as their first choice.

How much does the Hitachi zx120 excavator cost?

As an internationally renowned brand, Hitachi excavators have always been loved and loved by users. So what is the price of Hitachi excavator? In fact, there are many series of Hitachi 120 excavators, including -2, -3, -5, -6, etc. Today I will mainly talk about the Hitachi 120-6 excavator, which means what is the quotation of the Hitachi zx120 excavator. Hitachi excavators are relatively high in the market, especially in markets such as Shenzhen, even as high as 500,000-600,000 units. Because there are many spot products, each standard is different, so it depends on the spot price.

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