How to choose a used excavator when buying it, learn from the experience of a master!

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The current used excavator market is extremely hot, and various used excavator markets are blooming everywhere. As a newcomer, money is tight. Buying a brand-new excavator can cost hundreds of thousands, which is financially unaffordable. Therefore, high-quality and low-priced used excavators have become the first choice.
However, the used excavator market is a mixed bag, and I know very little about used excavation. So today I will teach you how to choose a used excavator correctly!
1. Before buying an excavator, you need to determine your own funds or financial budget, and find a reasonable model based on your own budget, so that you will not become blind.
When buying a used mobile phone, you must buy the three major parts (engine distribution valve, hydraulic pump) and the original ones, but they must have no faults at all, which is basically impossible. Faults are allowed, but they cannot be major faults!

2. Check the oil pump for oil leakage.

3. Check the traveling motor to see if the pipeline has been replaced.

4. Check the oil nozzle.

5. Many novices like to look at the time on the watch. In fact, this is useless because the electrician can change it.

6. Check the engine, raise the car to the highest position when idling, and feel whether the engine is vibrating and whether it stalls when idling.

7. Is it powerful when walking unilaterally at idle speed? It is very powerful and does not stop, which proves that there is no problem.

8. The whole car has been painted. If you look carefully, it must be to cover up some problems.

9. It is normal for the chain ribs to wear out, the oil seal to leak, and the turntable to have gaps.

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