Introduction of second-hand hydraulic excavators

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Second-hand hydraulic excavators refer to hydraulic excavator equipment that has been used. Usually the price is more affordable than new machines, suitable for small projects or personal use. When choosing aused hydraulic excavator, you must pay attention to several key points. The first thing to check is the age and operation of the machine. Generally speaking,second-hand hydraulic excavators   with a service time of less than 5 years and an operating time of less than 1,000 hours will have less mechanical wear and higher prices. In addition, check the wear degree of key parts, such as motors, hydraulic pumps, ball bearings, crawlers, etc. The wear degree of these parts directly affects the performance and price of the excavator. Secondly, it is necessary to test the various performances of the hydraulic excavator, including whether the digging force is strong, whether the hydraulic system is sensitive, whether the operation is light and smooth, and whether the rotation is agile. A second-hand hydraulic excavator with better performance indicates that the machine is properly maintained and of reliable quality. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the operation and maintenance costs of hydraulic excavators.Second-hand hydraulic excavators  often require more frequent maintenance, and the cost will be relatively high. Some parts with serious wear and tear also need to be replaced regularly. If the purchase follow-up costs are too high, it is actually not worthwhile. Finally, the price of a second-hand hydraulic excavator must be slightly lower than that of a new machine of the same specification to be considered a value choice. Buying a used hydraulic excavator will only be worth the money if the performance condition is not bad and the price is right. In short, when choosing a second-hand hydraulic excavator, you must consider various factors in order to buy a good machine with high cost performance. If you don't know much about excavators, you can also consider buying a refurbished machine with a warranty to reduce the risk of post-purchase maintenance costs.

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