Introduction to the special artifact equipment of used excavators one machine with multiple functions flexible and changeable

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Excavators have many miraculous and special equipment; they can show their talents in their respective fields and play an important role, which is the magic weapon for the excavator to transform into a Transformer.
1. Rotary drilling drill: The rotary drilling drill is a big guy. It adopts hydraulic automatic telescopic (extending and retracting metaphors are flexible within a certain limit) chassis, self-lifting and collapsible (meaning: folding a part of the object) drill mast , telescopic drill pipe, with automatic detection and adjustment of verticality, digital display of hole depth and other pouring pile hole-forming equipment. The maximum hole diameter can reach 1.5-4m, and the maximum hole depth is 60-90m, which can meet the requirements of various types of foundation construction, and can be called an all-round giant among the attachments.
Fantastic function: Rotary drilling drill is a kind of high-efficiency piling equipment, which can perform drilling operations very quickly in construction foundation engineering. It can be used in various foundation constructions such as cast-in-situ piles and foundation reinforcement. It can be seen in the construction of municipal construction, highway bridges, high-speed rail, urban viaducts, airports, high-rise buildings, ports and wharves, and water conservancy facilities.

2. Extended arm: In order to meet the larger operating range (operating radius, operating height, and operating depth) of the excavator, it is an attachment specially lengthened for the front-end working device, which can turn the excavator into a giraffe; Can meet the needs of many specific working conditions. The basic content of repairing excavators includes: equipment maintenance, equipment inspection and equipment repair. Strengthen the repair work of the excavator, and the relevant maintenance personnel must further analyze the damaged condition according to certain actual conditions and quality, and when analyzing the cause, it is usually caused by natural wear and tear, so it is necessary to carry out targeted research. Magical functions: building foundation excavation, subway deep pit excavation, demolition of factory buildings or old buildings, dredging and dredging of rivers and ports, excavation of embankments, embankment reinforcement, resource development of wetlands and tidal flats, and underground pipeline laying all need its help. It can also be used in conjunction with other accessories~
3. Ripper: The sharp part at the front end of the excavator that looks like an olecranon is the excavator ripper, also called the bucket hook, which is an interchangeable working device with the functions of breaking and loosening. Generally, it is a single tooth, and there are also two or three teeth, which have strong digging and cutting force. Fantastic function: Mainly used for excavating cracked rock (composition: solid mineral or mineral mixture), crushing permafrost, asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) or cement pavement. Whether it is stripping hard soil, sub-hard rock, rock soil or weathered stone, it is often used in bucket excavation and loading operations.
4. Log grab: Also known as log grab, it is divided into hydraulic log grab and mechanical log grab. Hydraulic log grab is divided into hydraulic rotary log grab and fixed log grab. It is used to grab stones and scrap steel. The name of this equipment will tell you what it is used for. It is mainly used to grab wood and bamboo. The loading and unloading truck is very fast and convenient. The market is not very popular in China. It is mainly used in winter logging in the three northeastern provinces and in Guangxi. , Guizhou, Yunnan and other places are used to grab bamboo. Individual customers modify their claws to grab large stones and scrap steel. There are many working conditions! At present, domestic ports use it more!
5. Clamshell hydraulic grab: As the name suggests, the clamshell hydraulic grab is the shell-like attachment at the front of the excavator. Its principle is to use the hydraulic cylinder to directly open and close the grab to achieve deeper digging force And stronger loading and unloading operations, there are two types of hydraulic rotary and non-hydraulic rotary. When the space is narrow or limited, its power will be revealed~ Fantastic function: It is especially suitable for digging and loading on the side of ditch, ship, train, car or restricted space. Its strengths include foundation pit excavation and deep pit excavation for building foundations, and bulk cargo (mud, sand, coal, gravel, iron ore, grain) loading and unloading at port terminals.
The amazing equipment of the excavator is here for you to introduce, and I hope you can learn more about these special equipment, so that your work can be more effective with less effort.

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