Komatsu 60-7 used excavator is the "preservation king" of small excavators

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Many excavator friends prefer the Komatsu 60-7 excavator. Today, Asia Juexiang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will talk about the price of Komatsu 60-7 used excavator based on years of sales experience in used excavators. What are the parameters and advantages of Komatsu 60-7 excavator?

1. Comparison of Komatsu 60-7 and 60-8
Even though theKomatsu 60-8has appeared now, because the 8 uses an electronic fuel injection engine, the oil quality requirements are particularly high, so it consumes a lot of fuel, and it is easy to burn the fuel injector.

2. What is the current price ofKomatsu 60-7 used excavator?
So Komatsu 60-7 is still selling well. So how much is the used Komatsu 60-7 excavator worth? How much is the general price?
The Komatsu 60-7 excavator is a Komatsu brand, so the value retention is quite high. So even if it is used, it can be sold at a very good price.
Komatsu 60-7 used excavators are generally priced at more than 100,000 yuan. Many prices of Komatsu 60 in the used excavator market are now around 100,000 yuan, which is the cheapest in the country. Of course, used excavators are still based on the condition of the car.
So this also shows that even if the Komatsu 60-7 is a machine that preserves its value, it can sell for a minimum of about 100,000.

3. The parameters and advantages of Komatsu 60-7 used excavator
Komatsu 60-7 excavator is a model with relatively high cost performance among the majority of users. It is characterized by fast speed, sensitive action, and fuel consumption of about 6 to 7 liters per hour. It only costs tens of yuan per hour. OK.
Its engine is the Komatsu 4D95LE engine independently developed by Komatsu. It has strong power and fast speed.

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