Lessons learned from the past Overhauled several times in two months, you need to be cautious when buying used excavator cabs for sale!

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Today's used excavator cabs for sale market is very hot, because compared with new machines, the price pressure of used excavator cabs for sale is not so great, and there are also choices of different years and different use times, so more and more diggers may consider buying one. However, when buying a used excavator cabs for sale, everyone will step on a lot of "pitfalls".
Recently, Yueyang, Hunan Province thought that Mr. Zhang wanted to buy an excavator because he needed to undertake business on the construction site. At the beginning of July this year, he and his friends came to a machinery company in Yuetang District and took a fancy to an excavator with yellow paint on the outside. Mr. Wu, the person in charge of the machinery company, told him that it was an imported excavator. On July 22, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wu orally negotiated a price of 420,000 yuan. Mr. Zhang paid the full price in two installments. Mr. Wu delivered the excavator to Mr. Zhang's construction site at the end of July.

During use, the track and front fork of this excavator broke down. Mr. Zhang notified the seller on WeChat and repaired the excavator at his own expense. However, in mid-September, the excavator was damaged again and could not be produced, and the surface paint of the excavator was peeled off, and the inner layer was blue paint. Mr. Zhang suspected that the excavator was not the yellow imported excavator that he had fancyed at the beginning, and was suspected to have been replaced.
Therefore, he asked Mr. Wu to bear the maintenance cost on the grounds of the existing quality of the excavator, but the negotiation was unsuccessful, so Mr. Zhang took him to court, but the court rejected the request that Mr. Wu should pay three times the excavator payment, totaling 1.26 million yuan. petition. In desperation, Mr. Zhang transported the excavator back to Mr. Wu's company and blocked its gate.
Mr. Zhang believed that the second-hand excavator he bought could no longer be produced. He believed that Mr. Wu sold him a "fake product" as a used excavator cabs for sale. He demanded to return the excavator and return the payment of 320,000 yuan. However, the husband said that he had explained the brand and model to Mr. Zhang at the beginning, and only promised to undertake the half-year warranty service of the engine. Now the refund is only 240,000 yuan at most.

However, since the two did not sign a contract, it was all based on verbal agreement. What both parties can do now is to find a solution to minimize losses. In the end, the two signed a mediation agreement, and both parties confirmed that the sales contract was valid. Mr. Wu was responsible for repairing the main components such as the excavator engine, and compensated Mr. Zhang for a total of 25,000 yuan in repair costs. The two parties did not hold each other accountable.
When buying a second-hand machine, when looking at the car, please ask an experienced old machine operator to help look at the car, and then conduct a test drive. Don't be greedy for cheap, and buy a car carefully. And be sure to sign the agreement and contract! Don't just make verbal agreements.

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