Old machines are durable and easy to maintain. Look at a used Kobelco 200D excavator

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When we see those old excavators that have been working for many years and still stick to their posts on the construction site, we can't help but sigh how durable and reliable these old machines are. Take the used Kobelco 200D excavator as an example. The reason why it can be used for a long time is that there is a simple and practical design idea behind it.

The 200D model belongs to the model in the 1980s. It adopts the typical structural layout of that era, relying more on simple mechanical transmission and less complex electronic components. This design makes it ideal for field repairs. Most of the failures can be solved by just mechanical debugging or replacing a few parts, without ordering expensive electronic accessories.
The transmission system of the old machine is also relatively simple, and the parts can be replaced after wear and tear, and there will be no complicated software and hardware matching problems. This greatly reduces the user's maintenance burden. Even in remote construction sites with difficult conditions, as long as there are basic repair tools, the old machine can be maintained.
In addition, after many years of use of this type of machine, various systems and key components have been very mature and reliable, such as engines, mine cars, frames, etc., have a durable service life. As long as it is operated reasonably and maintained regularly, the 200D bulldozer can be used for 5-10 years without major problems.

For many small and medium-sized construction teams with limited budgets, used old excavators are still the most economical and practical choice. This type of machine does not require too much fancy technology, but has reliable quality and simple maintenance methods. In many scenarios, under the simple appearance of the old machine, there is a more precious practical essence.
When we are hesitating in the choice of new and old machines, we should not be fooled by the delicacy of the surface. The durable quality and easy maintenance of the old machine are its biggest advantages, and it is worth re-examining its unique commercial value.

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