Reasons and solutions for high fuel consumption of Komatsu excavators

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Many users ofkomatsu excavatorsfind that fuel consumption is relatively high during use. Not only does this increase operating costs, it may also have adverse effects on the environment. So, what is the reason why komatsu excavatorsconsume so much fuel? How to solve it?
Reasons why komatsu excavatorsconsume large amounts of fuel
1. Improper operation
Many drivers do not master correct operating skills when operating excavators, resulting in increased fuel consumption. For example, rapid acceleration and deceleration, frequent gear changes, sudden braking, etc. will increase fuel consumption.
2. Improper maintenance
Excavatormaintenance is also very important. If the air filter, fuel filter and other filter elements are not replaced for a long time, it will cause the engine to have poor air intake and insufficient fuel combustion, thus increasing fuel consumption.
3. Component wear
As time is used, the parts of the excavator will gradually wear out. If the engine valves, cylinder pistons and other components are severely worn, the fuel combustion efficiency will decrease, thereby increasing fuel consumption.
4. Long-term idling
In the daily operation of excavators, many drivers will let the equipment idle for a long time. This not only wastes fuel but also pollutes the environment.

1. Learn correct operating techniques
Drivers should learn correct operating skills and master the performance and characteristics of theexcavator. During operation, avoid bad operating methods such as rapid acceleration and deceleration, frequent gear changes, and sudden braking.
2. Regular maintenance
Regular maintenance is an important measure to reduce fuel consumption. Drivers should regularly replace air filters, fuel filters and other filter elements in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements to ensure the normal operation of the engine.
3. Replace worn parts promptly
If it is found that engine valves, cylinder pistons and other components are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time. This can ensure fuel combustion efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
4. Reduce idling time
In the daily operation of theexcavator, the idling time should be minimized. If you need to wait for a long time, you can choose to shut down the engine to save fuel.
In short, reducing the fuel consumption of Komatsu excavators requires starting from many aspects. By learning correct operating techniques, regular maintenance, timely replacement of worn parts and reducing idling time, fuel consumption can be effectively reduced and production efficiency improved. At the same time, drivers should also pay attention to cultivating environmental awareness and reducing environmental pollution.

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