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The working environment of excavators is harsh, and the use and maintenance of chassis components are crucial. Based on years of excavator service experience, I would like to share some knowledge on the use of chassis components: 

1. Track link


Excavators use tracks for walking, and the traction force of the motor is high during walking. Due to the length of each track link and the gear shape of the driving wheel, there will be a polygonal effect during walking, that is, when the entire track plate is parallel to the ground, the driving radius is small; When one side of the track shoe comes into contact with the ground, the driving radius is relatively large, causing inconsistent walking speed of the excavator and resulting in vibration. When the operating equipment is not used properly, the road surface is uneven, the tension changes, and there are many foreign objects such as soil and sand on the track link, it can cause resonance of the track link, resulting in jumping and accompanied by sound. In severe cases, it can accelerate the wear of chassis components and even cause track derailment.

2. Support wheels, tracks and protective plates, drive wheels, carrier rollers


The materials of the excavator's supporting wheels, tracks and protective plates, drive wheels, and carrier sprockets are made of alloy steel and wear-resistant materials by firing and forging. Although there is a heat-treated protective film on the metal surface, any metal protective film will wear off if operated improperly, the track tension is uncomfortable, or there are foreign objects present, ultimately accelerating the wear of the supporting wheels, tracks and protective plates, drive wheels, and carrier sprockets.

Precautions for use:

● Avoid turning in place on concrete roads.

● When crossing places with large drops, avoid turning. When crossing obstacles or places with large drops, the machine should be driven straight over the obstacles to prevent the track shoes from falling off.

3. Floating oil seal


Gear oil is required for lubrication inside the walking motor, reducer, supporting wheel, and carrier sprocket. The floating oil seal is a non-contact seal that has the function of preventing oil leakage and will not leak during normal use. But when there is excessive accumulation of foreign objects such as soil and sand outside, they can enter the interior of the oil seal and cause damage, resulting in oil leakage; In addition, prolonged walking of excavators can lead to an increase in oil temperature, aging of floating oil seals, and ultimately, oil leakage.

Notes:Thoroughly remove mud and water from the body to prevent damage to the seal caused by mud and dirt entering the interior of the seal together with water droplets.

Park the machine on a hard, dry surface.

Timely clean foreign objects on the chassis components.

According to the driver's manual requirements, replace the floating oil seal in a timely manner to prevent oil leakage.

Finally, please use the correct operating methods to operate the equipment, regularly maintain the equipment, and ensure that the original Shantui excavator accessories are replaced to extend the equipment's service life.

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