Common sense of Komatsu's used excavator operation

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Common sense of Xiaosong used excavator operation
When using Xiaosong used excavators ,we need to pay attention to many operating precautions, so as to ensure safe operation. Let's take a look at the specific common sense of operation.
Firstly, the equipment must be assigned to personnel and position.
Now many users buy Xiaosong used excavators, which belong to a kind of fixed assets with relatively large investment. They hope to use the excavator to obtain more economic benefits. When using the equipment, they need to appoint personnel and positions. If they need to hand over shifts for work demand, they also need to hand over all the conditions of the equipment to ensure the safe operation of the excavator.
Secondly, observe after entering the construction site.
When excavators are transported to the construction site, it is necessary to observe the working conditions of the excavator. It is also necessary to ensure that there are no obstacles within the rotation radius of the excavator. After the excavator is sent, no one is allowed to stand under the bucket.Only the driver can enter the cab of the excavator.
Thirdly, be responsible for maintenance of the used excavator.
When using Xiaosong used excavators, we need to be responsible for daily maintenance.We'd better record the daily use of the excavator and repair it in time if any problems are found.
During the daily operation of Xiaosong used excavator, we should pay attention to the above items, so as to make the machine run better and bring us more help.

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