Will used excavators be affected under high temperature?

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Now we can't do without excavators. With the rapid development, everything is related to technology. In the past, all houses were built manually until the completion of works .But nowadays, with the rapid development of society, buildings are built with high technology and people. The demolition and construction of houses are inseparable from excavators. Don't underestimate it. With their help,We can greatly speed up the construction of the house. So will the function of the excavator be affected by the high temperature when the excavator works for a long time?
People have different opinions on buying excavators,so they choose different brand. Because the model is different, the working environment is also different. Which factors will affect the operating excavator ? If our excavator works in an environment of high temperature, rainy weather and high radiation in the air, it will affect its heat dissipation function. If the temperature is too high, it will reduce the work efficiency, so it is also very difficult for engineers to work.The friction between clutch and brake of our excavator will also generate high temperature, wear and even burn out.So we have to add lubricating oil to the machine, which can reduce wear and improve the function of the excavator, so that our engineers will not work so hard.

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