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Among the many excavator brands, Japan's Komatsu has always been in the leading position in the industry with its sophisticated manufacturing technology and excellent product quality. Its used products are also highly sought after by customers due to their well-preserved condition and excellent performance. As an agent forkomatsu excavators, theused komatsu excavatorswe provide are fully equipped, outstanding in performance, and trustworthy.

komatsu machine

Our used komatsu excavators  all use original engines, which can provide strong and stable power output. The hydraulic system is well preserved and can ensure precise control of the manipulator and drive system. The well-thought-out ergonomically designed cockpit greatly reduces operator fatigue.

In addition, the working equipment ofkomatsu excavators, such as buckets, breakers, etc., are also all original equipment. After testing and debugging by our professional team, we ensure that all functional components are operating normally. Once obtained, it can be seamlessly connected to various construction projects and put into use directly. In addition to hardware equipment, we also provide comprehensive after-sales services including maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply. A service team composed of professional technicians can quickly respond to machine failures and solve problems. Keep your used komatsu excavator  in top condition for the long haul.

komatsu machine

Choosing our used komatsu excavator means choosing an assistant with powerful performance, excellent quality and complete functions to support your project construction. I believe its outstanding performance will amaze you. Please be sure to consider our products, we will repay every customer with the highest quality service!

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