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As the Spring Festival approached, I went to Las Vegas with my friends to participate in a large-scale used excavator exhibition and auction to experience exotic customs and purchase equipment for the company.
Once in the exhibition hall, used excavators of various models and brands are lined up neatly, some from the United States, and some from all over the world. There are large and small excavators, as well as other construction machinery. Some machines look old, some are well preserved.
My friend knows the knowledge of excavators like the palm of his hand, and gave me the advantages and disadvantages of different brands of excavators and the tips for purchasing them. It also introduces many interesting engineering project stories. I am also actively learning about models that are suitable for the company.

We ate at the restaurant in the pavilion at noon, and the taste was surprisingly good. After the lunch break, we visited the outdoor display area, saw the operation display on the performance site, and felt the power of the huge machine to split mountains and fill seas.
The used equipment exhibited came from various states, and many were shipped from Canada. After shopping around, I found that the used market in the United States is still quite developed. In the end, the company selected a Carter excavator in good condition and won it at an auction at a good price.
This trip to the United States has been fruitful. It not only broadened the horizons, but also bought good machines for the company. I also have a deeper understanding of used excavators, and I will pay more attention to this market in the future.

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