What are the advantages of long-arm excavators in the construction process?

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Excavators can be said to be the main force of industrial construction. Houses, roads, bridges, and rivers in modern construction cannot be separated from excavators, and long-arm excavators have advantages that traditional excavators cannot match.
The long-arm excavator is characterized by a longer arm than conventional excavators, and its length can usually reach twice the length of the excavation radius, so that when the excavation depth reaches 6 to 10 meters, it has stronger operating capabilities . It is not only suitable for construction machinery in earthwork, construction engineering, manufacturing, coal mining and other industries, but also can play its role in the rescue process of natural disasters such as flood fighting and rescue, earthquake relief, etc., saving lives and property safety with high efficiency and low cost .
According to different working purposes and characteristics, long-arm excavators can be divided into the following categories:

Standard long-arm excavator: This is a common long-arm excavator with a standard arm length of 10-18 meters, suitable for construction, road construction, deep foundation pit excavation, subway and other work.
Deep-type long-arm excavator: This type of long-arm excavator is equipped with a longer arm, which can easily achieve 20-30m long-arm high-altitude operations or dig underground as deep as 20-30m.
Economical long-arm excavator: This type of long-arm excavator reduces some auxiliary equipment and components while maintaining the main function, thereby reducing the cost. Applicable to some fields that pursue cost performance.
Large excavator: This long-arm excavator is mainly used in heavy-duty working environments such as mines, gravel fields, and forest logging. It can carry out a large number of earthworks, and its excavation depth and arm length are very large.
In general, long-arm excavators have different application scenarios in different engineering environments, so it is very important to choose a long-arm excavator suitable for local work.
Long-arm excavators can bring a lot of benefits to engineering, but in engineering operations, in addition to efficiency, safety is equally important. Only by safely operating long-arm excavators can their performance be fully utilized. Therefore, we are operating long-arm excavators , the following principles should be followed. The safety measures and protective measures during the construction process should be considered carefully to ensure the smooth completion of the construction tasks.
1. Have an in-depth understanding of the equipment, be familiar with the functions and operating specifications of the long-arm excavator, and do not disassemble machine parts at will.
2. Before the long-arm excavator works, it is necessary to analyze and observe the excavation direction, surrounding environment, topography, etc., to ensure that the construction will not affect the stability of adjacent buildings, roads, bridges and other objects.
3. Before construction, the construction plan should be planned in detail and the excavation site should be determined, the ground anchor of the long-arm excavator should be fixed, and suitable tools and techniques should be used for support.
4. When the long-arm excavator is operating, it should strictly follow the safety operating procedures, and dangerous behaviors such as jumping and playing on the long-arm excavator are not allowed.
The long-arm excavator not only improves the construction efficiency and accuracy, but also has obvious advantages in terms of cost. With the continuous emergence of more new technologies, long-arm excavators are injecting more new elements. This will promote new application models and higher levels of service, and continuously promote the development of engineering construction. Long-arm excavators widely used in construction, tourism, logistics and other industries are a very promising field, and the application of long-arm excavators in construction will continue to gradually improve.

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