What are the classification methods for excavator models?

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Excavator, also known as excavation machinery or excavator, is a mechanical equipment that uses a bucket to excavate materials above or below the bearing surface, and loads them into transport vehicles or unloads them to the material yard.

There are many models and specifications of excavators on the market, and different manufacturers have different specifications. There are also many classification methods, which can be divided according to scale, walking mode, transmission mode, purpose, and bucket. Let's take a look together with the editor.


What are the classification methods for excavators 

1. Classified by driving method

There are two common driving methods for excavators: internal combustion engine driven excavators and electric driven excavators. Among them, electric excavators are mainly used in high-altitude hypoxia, underground mines, and other flammable and explosive places.

2. Classified by size

Excavators can be divided into large excavators, medium excavators, and small excavators according to their scale.

3. Classified by walking mode

Excavators can be divided into tracked excavators and wheeled excavators according to their walking mode.

4. Classified by transmission mode

Excavators can be divided into hydraulic excavators and mechanical excavators according to their transmission methods. Mechanical excavators are mainly used in some large mines.

5. Classified by purpose

Excavators can be classified into different categories based on their usage, including general-purpose excavators, mining excavators, marine excavators, and special excavators.

6. Classify by bucket

Excavators can be divided into front shovel excavators, backhoe excavators, pull shovel excavators, and grab shovel excavators according to their buckets. Shovel excavators are mostly used to excavate materials above the surface, while backhoe excavators are mostly used to excavate materials below the surface. Backhoe excavator is the most common type of excavator in daily life, which can be used for excavation below the shutdown working surface.


Complete list of excavator models

The quality to bucket ratio refers to the ratio of the quality of an excavator to its bucket capacity. This value displays the efficiency and process level of the excavator. Generally speaking, the lower this value, the more efficient the excavator is. Under the same quality conditions, the lower the value, the better. On the contrary, the higher the value, the more ineffective the quality of the excavator and the poorer its efficiency.

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