What are the differences between used Caterpillar 320D excavator and used Caterpillar 320D2 excavator?

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The 320D and 320D2 excavators produced by Caterpillar are the same series of products, but they have some differences.

Here are their main differences

Engine:The 320D uses the C6.4 ACERT engine, while the 320D2 uses the more efficient and environmentally friendly C7.1 ACERT engine.
Forward speed:The maximum forward speed of 320D2 is slightly faster than that of 320D.
Fuel consumption:Compared with 320D, 320D2 can achieve lower fuel consumption under the same working conditions.
Operational performance:320D2 is more flexible and easier to operate than 320D. For example, the knife arm operating force of 320D2 is greater than that of 320D, making it easier to handle heavy-duty projects.
Number of models:The 320D2 series has more model choices than the 320D series, which can meet more different engineering needs.
Generally speaking, although the 320D and 320D2 are the same series of excavators, the 320D2 uses a more efficient and environmentally friendly engine, has better operating performance and more model choices, so it may be more powerful in some aspects. Suitable for some specific engineering needs.

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