What are the main things to look for when buying a used bucket wheel excavator?

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Due to high demand! Many second-hand dealers will not receive suitable machines for sale for a while, but facing the temptation of huge profits, they start to use their brains on accident machines and old machines.

Some unscrupulous traders have refurbished and reprocessed some excavators that have been in accidents, and transformed the old models into the latest models for sale. Generally, this type of machine is usually of poor quality, and it will also cause considerable losses to the user. Today I will share with you how to quickly identify refurbished machines.

To check whether a second-hand excavator is a refurbished machine, first look at the paint of the entire vehicle. If the entire car is being repainted, that's something to be careful about. If the machine does not have a major accident. Usually, there is no need to repaint it. If the whole car is painted, it may be to increase the selling price of the machine. It's just that the tail weight is found to be painted, which is relatively normal.

Next, look at the big and small arms. Generally, if the big and small arms are painted entirely, be careful whether the machine may be welded after cracking.

Next, let's observe the engine again. First, observe the paint color and screws on the engine. Because the engine runs at high temperature, if it is not the original car paint, the paint will be cracked, the color will be very dark, and there will be large scratches on the overhauled engine. Next, open the engine cover of the excavator and check whether there is thick smoke from the exhaust pipe. If there is too much black smoke, it means that the piston ring has been replaced in the near future. You must not ignore these details. In fact, the engine is the same as our human organs of. After overhaul, it will definitely not be as vigorous as before.

The following is to observe the excavator chassis and crawlers. Usually, the refurbished chassis will have a large gap when the machine rotates. When inspecting tracks and undercarriage, look for heavy wear on the surfaces. Once the wear is serious, the price of this machine will inevitably be affected, because these reflect that the excavator works for a long time, if the machine does not work for a long time, there will be no serious wear and tear! Unless you usually pay little attention to machine maintenance.

Finally, the editor tells everyone that there will be no pies in the sky, not just falling and sinking, and don’t be dazzled by the low price. When buying a second-hand excavator, you must carefully observe whether the machine has been tampered with. If you If you are a novice in the industry, you must bring the most professional master.

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