What do you mainly look for when buying used excavators?

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In recent years,the policies of vigorously developing new countryside have been introduced one after another,and the demand for excavators has been growing,while used excavators hold a place in the market due to low prices.Due to excessive demand, many second-hand dealers can not receive right machines for sale for a while, but in the face of the temptation of huge profits, they have begun to think about accident machines and old machines.
Some illegal traders have refurbished and reprocessed some excavators that have been involved in accidents, and transformed the old models into the latest models for sale. Generally, this type of machine is of inferior quality and will bring considerable losses to users. Today, we will share with you how to quickly identify refurbished machines.
To check whether the used excavator is a refurbished machine, the first is to look at the paint of the whole vehicle. If the whole vehicle is repainted, you need to be careful. Generally, If there is no major accident on the machine, it is not necessary to repaint it. If the whole vehicle is painted, it may be to increase the selling price of the machine. But it is quite normal to find that only the tail counterweight is painted.
The next step is to look at mechanical arms. Generally, if the mechanical arms are painted, you should be careful whether the machine is welded after cracking
After that let's observe the engine. Firstly, observe the paint color and screws on the engine. Because when the engine runs at high temperature, the paint will burst if it is not original.The color will be very dark, and there will be a large area of scratches on the overhauled engine. The next procedure is to open the engine cover of the excavator and check whether there is dense smoke in the exhaust pipe. If there is too much black smoke, it indicates that the piston ring has been replaced recently. These details must not be ignored. In fact, the engine is the same as our human organs. If it is overhauled, it will not be as powerful as before.
Next, let’s observe the excavator chassis and track. Generally, the renovated chassis has a large gap when the machine rotates. When inspecting the track and chassis, check whether there is any serious wear on the surface. Once the wear is very serious, the price of the machine will inevitably be affected. Because the wear reflects that the excavator works for a long time. If the machine does not work for a long time, there will be no serious wear. Unless you pay little attention to the maintenance of the machine.

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