What should you pay attention to when buying a used excavator?

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Be sure to do these strategies before going to avoid being cheated.

In recent years, as the transaction volume of used excavators continues to increase, it shows that there is still a significant increase in demand. Then, when some inexperienced customers come to the used market to make selections, if they cannot master a series of strategies and techniques, they may definitely suffer in the purchase. Next, Juxiang will introduce you to a few strategies, which will still be of great help in purchasing a used excavator, at least the digging friends will not be cheated.

Strategy 1
Look at the nameplate on the excavator. Generally, the nameplate can show the model size, manufacturer, brand logo, frame number, factory serial number, year of manufacture and other information of the machine. This will also be of great help to customers when making purchase decisions. As long as you read the information on the sign carefully, you will know more about the used excavator. However, if the sign is relatively new and shows signs of being replaced, try not to consider such an excavator at this time. If you buy it, you will suffer a loss to some extent.

Strategy 2
Look at the overall appearance and details of the excavator. In fact, the appearance of a normally used excavator will not look very new. If the machine looks new from the inside out and the paint is shiny, we must be cautious at this time. It is possible that the machine There are some tricks. In addition to looking at the appearance, you must also check whether some important parts, such as the big and small arms, body, three major parts, rotating chassis, etc., have been repainted. A machine will not be repainted unless it has a major failure. The repaint is most likely to cover up some problems. If you only find a small amount of touch-up paint on the local area, this is understandable.

Strategy 3
Look at the excavator engine. Of course, when checking the engine, look for any abnormalities in the fuel injection pump, cylinder nozzle, oil pipe filter, radiator, cylinder head, etc. Be sure to know if there are any signs of maintenance or tampering, as these are an aspect that can easily reflect the performance of the excavator. The engine is like the human heart. If the engine has been repaired, the overall performance of the machine will also be affected. Therefore, this will be better in terms of excavator selection strategy, and the comparative selection will also make customers more assured. In short, this requires comparison and analysis during the viewing process.

Strategy 4
Look at the working hours of the excavator. You should know that once an excavator has been working for more than 10,000 hours, it will undergo major repairs. If the machine has been overhauled, but the hour meter does not reach the 10,000 standard, it means that the hour meter has been adjusted, which is not trustworthy. Therefore, we still need to be more cautious in the process of comparison and selection, and have a comprehensive understanding of the details in this regard.

It can be seen that when we buy a used excavator, as long as we have a comprehensive grasp of these four aspects, we will basically feel more at ease during the purchase process, and the quality of the choice in this aspect will be better It becomes more and more secure, at least when used, it will become more and more trustworthy.

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