Which is hotter selling large excavators than mini diggers for sale second hand?

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Compared with  small excavatorslarge excavators  have higher sales in the sales market, but overall, large excavators will be more popular. The reasons mainly include the following aspects:
The price is higher. The single price of a  large excavator is usually several million to tens of millions of yuan, which is much higher than that of a  small excavator. High prices mean high profits, which will attract more traders to participate.
The demand is stronger. Large-scale infrastructure projects and mining projects have a greater demand for large excavators, and the supply of imported large equipment is also facing certain restrictions, which makes large excavators more scarce and popular.
Longer service life. High-quality large excavators usually have a service life of 15-25 years, which is far longer than that of small excavators, so they have a higher resale value within a certain period of time.

Brand premium is higher. Due to the high quality and scarcity of large-scale equipment of well-known brands, the premium rate will be higher, which also promotes its hot sales. For example, the premium of large excavators of Caterpillar, Hitachi and other brands far exceeds that of other brands.
There is a great demand for leasing. Large excavators are also commonly used in the leasing market, and some projects are only used for a short period of time, which makes the transaction frequency of large excavators higher, which is conducive to their hot sales. However, large-scale excavator transactions also face higher risks. In the event of mechanical failure or quality problems, the losses will be even more severe. Be more cautious and professional in the transaction process.

In comparison, the trading risk of small excavators  is lower, the threshold is lower, and it is easier to achieve frequent transactions and profits. In short, both large excavators and small excavators are difficult to trade. The key is to choose high-quality equipment and reasonable pricing, adopt diversified marketing strategies, and reduce transaction risks.

But on the whole, large excavators have a higher sales potential and deserve the attention of traders and investors. In the long run, with the increase of infrastructure investment, the demand for large-scale equipment will continue to grow, and the prospects will be broader.

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