Why are so many machine used for excavation bought?

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Second-hand excavators are so popular for the following main reasons:

1. More affordable price. The price of a second-hand excavator is usually only 60-70% of a new one, which greatly reduces the entry barrier for users and financial pressure, especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals to purchase.
2. Reliable quality. Most second-hand excavators come from well-known brands with high reliability and quality. After a period of market verification, the failure rate is low and the service life is long, providing high cost performance.
3. Immediately available. Second-hand excavators can be put into use immediately without waiting for the delivery period of new ones. Users can quickly put them into use and reduce the loss of opportunity costs.
4. Low risk. Compared with new excavators, second-hand ones have a lower price, so even if they need to be resold in the future, the loss will be smaller. The risk and price drop space of reselling new excavators are greater. Therefore, purchasing second-hand excavators has lower risks.
5. Preferential taxes. The purchase of second-hand excavators does not require the payment of purchase tax and other taxes, which is also an important reason for users to choose second-hand ones.
6. Rentable and salable. Many second-hand excavator dealers also provide leasing and resale services at the same time. Users can rent first to experience the performance and quality, and then choose whether to purchase finally, which is more flexible.
7. Diverse models. As excavators have a long service life, there are more models of second-hand excavators in the market, so users have stronger selectivity and it is easy to find desired products.In summary, compared with new excavators, second-hand ones have a more affordable and lower price, more stable quality, lower usage and resale risks, and stronger selectivity, making them popular and favored by small and medium-sized users. However, purchasing second-hand excavators also needs caution. Reliable dealers should be selected and the machines should be fully inspected as much as possible to understand their conditions and make choices with awareness. Only then can products with high cost performance be really obtained

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