Why is EC60D your best choice?

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In the used mini excavator market, the EC60D series has always been deeply loved and sought after by users. So, what makes the EC60D stand out and become the favorite of builders and leasing companies?

Strong operational flexibility: The 5.7-liter weight makes the EC60D maneuverable and adaptable to various construction site environments, making it an ideal choice for urban construction.

Outstanding excavation ability: the maximum excavation depth is 4 meters, and with the 260-degree excavation rotation range, various excavation operations can be easily completed. Multi-functional construction: EC60D can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as buckets, rotary drills, and crushers, and is capable of various operations such as daily earthworks and stone processing.

Excellent quality: It adopts Komatsu hydraulic system and Japanese manufacturing technology to ensure its reliability and durability, making it a trustworthy helper.

High cost performance: The price of a used EC60D is only about half that of a new one, but its performance is not compromised at all, making it a wise choice for purchasing reinstalled equipment.

High value retention rate: EC60D is of excellent quality and has been selling at a strong price in the used market. When you buy the EC60D, you are adding value to your asset.

It can be said that the EC60D series combines practicality, economy, and superior quality, and is the leader in the used mini excavator market. Choosing EC60D is choosing the perfect combination of price-performance and quality!

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