Wide Selection of Dependable Used Excavating Equipment in Stock

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When you need to buy high-quality used excavation equipment, we will be your best choice. We have an extensive inventory of reliable used excavators, loaders, trenchers and more of all makes and models.


In our warehouse, you can choose equipment of different tonnage from small earth movers to large mining excavators. Whether you need wheeled or crawler type, directional or multi-directional, we have the corresponding used equipment to meet your needs.

We maintain good relationships with major equipment manufacturers and agents, and regularly purchase newer used equipment from them. Therefore, from us you can not only buy classic old models, but also find used models equipped with new technologies.


We perform comprehensive repairs and detailed performance testing on every used equipment, repair worn parts, and ensure that all systems are functioning properly. You can rest assured that the used equipment we offer is just as reliable and durable as brand new machines.

In addition, we also provide considerate after-sales service, including operation training, regular maintenance, etc. Buy our used equipment and you'll receive long-term professional support.

If you need used excavation equipment with high cost performance and guaranteed quality, come to us! Our wide range of models and comprehensive after-sales service will ensure your satisfaction.

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