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Large 2022 super mine type Japan used excavator working 500 hours

Product Description

Extra service
1、Free installation of air conditioning lines, lighting
2、Corresponding model to send the gun head
3、Guaranteed delivery home
4、Mobile model, buy large get small free
5、Free pair of buckets
6、Cooperation success enjoy round-trip air ticket reimbursement

It has the characteristics of good flexibility and maneuverability, low fuel consumption, high construction efficiency, large excavation force, comfortable driving environment, and wide application range.

1. Original imported engine
Strong performance and low fuel consumption. The entire system has been optimized to provide comprehensive performance upgrades.
2. Latest fuel filter
The latest fuel filter improves the filtering performance and ensures the quality of the fuel inlet, thus improving the reliability of the machine under harsh working conditions.
3. Hydraulic system
The original imported high-end hydraulic components have excellent matching performance.
4. Structure
Finite element analysis is used in structural design to strengthen key components and enable them to withstand greater stresses. This ensures that the machine remains durable under different harsh working conditions.
5. Optional matching
Optional tools include circuit breakers, low-temperature activation devices, and falling object protection, all of which are designed to improve the performance of the machine.

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