A mysterious material that does not rust

April 17,2024

In the rapidly developing field of engineering equipment today,excavator, as one of the core equipment, has always been the goal pursued by R&D personnel to improve its performance. Recently, at an industry exchange conference, the proposal of a new material technology not only attracted widespread attention from industry insiders, but was also seen as a major breakthrough in exploring the future of machinery.


This new material is designed to enhance the durability and efficiency of excavation equipment.

In the traditional excavator manufacturing process, commonly used materials include high-strength steel and some wear-resistant materials. Although these materials meet the basic working requirements of excavators to a certain extent, over time, the high pressure, impact, and wear in the working environment will gradually weaken the structure and function of the equipment. Therefore, how to improve the durability and wear resistance of materials has become the key to technological innovation.

The core of the new material lies in an advanced alloy technology, which mixes multiple metal materials through specific proportions and adopts special heat treatment processes. This processing method not only enhances the hardness of the material, but also enhances its adaptability in diverse environments, such as significantly improving corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. This means that under harsh working conditions,excavators can maintain longer working hours and reduce downtime caused by maintenance or component replacement.


In addition to enhancing durability, this material also improves work efficiency by reducing the coefficient of friction. Lower internal friction means more efficient energy conversion, reducing energy consumption and improving the stability of power output.

This is crucial for excavators, as any loss of energy can lead to a decrease in operational efficiency and an increase in fuel consumption.

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