Advantages of Purchasing Used Cat Excavators from Authorized Dealers in Canada

November 08,2023

Purchasing used Caterpillar excavators from authorized Cat dealers provides significant advantages compared to other sources. Here are the top benefits you can expect when buying pre-owned Cat excavators from genuine dealerships:

Expertise and Experience

Authorized Cat dealers specialize in the sale and support of Cat equipment. Their expertise ensures you get the right machine for your needs. With extensive experience matching customers to equipment, dealers provide invaluable guidance through the buying process.

Peace of Mind

Used equipment from Cat dealers undergoes rigorous inspection and reconditioning using OEM parts to meet “Certified Rebuild” standards. This exhaustive preparation gives you peace of mind about equipment condition and longevity. Certified machines come with extended warranty protection too.


Maximized Uptime

Cat dealerships provide priority access to service, repairs and spare parts to maximize uptime. With industry-leading technician training and comprehensive parts inventory, Cat dealers can quickly respond to service needs. Minimum downtime keeps your operations running smoothly.

Continued Support

The high level of support continues even after purchase. Cat dealers offer flexible maintenance and repair options, operator training courses, and technology solutions to optimize performance. You’ll extract maximum value from your investment over its working life.


Enhanced Resale Value

Used Cat excavators from authorized dealers retain higher residual value at resale due to the Cat brand, “Certified Rebuild” status, and dealer maintenance records. Higher resale value means greater return on your original investment.

Financing Options

Cat dealers can offer flexible financing options to make acquiring used Cat excavators more accessible. Financing may allow you to purchase newer equipment while conserving capital for other investments.

For reliable used equipment, expert guidance, and ongoing support, you can’t surpass authorized Caterpillar dealers. Investing in pre-owned Cat excavators from dealers maximizes uptime, lowers costs, and provides complete peace of mind.

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