How to better use excavators!

May 14,2024

To better utilize an excavator, you can follow these steps and techniques:

1.Theoretical Learning: First, understand the types, working principles, names and functions of the parts, as well as the methods of using the excavator.

2.Safety Knowledge: Master the safety knowledge, precautions, and contingency measures for operating an excavator on different terrains, such as flat ground, uneven ground, and slopes.


3.Operational Skills: Learn through practical courses about the operations such as the excavator's entry, leveling, ditch excavation, slope repair, and other maneuvers.

4.Maintenance and Care: Learn about the maintenance, replacement of wear parts, and daily upkeep of the excavator.

5.Fault Diagnosis and Repair: Master the troubleshooting, inspection, analysis, and elimination of faults in electrical, hydraulic, drive, and steering systems.

6.On-Site Operation: When operating an excavator, confirm the surrounding conditions and ensure safe operation, such as being mindful of the direction of the crawlers to prevent overturning or collisions.


7.Excavation Techniques: Understand effective excavation methods, such as the angles between the bucket cylinder and arm, the boom cylinder and boom, and measures to be taken when excavating rocks.

8.Loading Operations: Pay attention to the position of the machine, maintain an appropriate distance from the truck, and correctly master the rotation angle to reduce the time used for rotation.

9.Operations in Soft Ground or Water: Understand the compactness of the soil, limit the excavation range of the bucket to prevent accidents such as landslides and collapses, and be aware of the permissible water depth for the machine.

10.Lifting Operations: Confirm the surrounding conditions of the lifting site, use high-strength hooks and steel wires, and operate slowly and evenly.


11.Smooth Operation: Maintain the stability of the machine to improve work efficiency, extend the life of the machine, and ensure operational safety.

12.Breaking Operations: Correctly place the hammer head, adjust the bucket cylinder, and avoid breaking at the same place for an extended period.

13.Accident Avoidance: Understand and take appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents during operation.

14.Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly inspect and maintain the excavator to ensure its good working condition.

15.Operating Manual: Follow the safety operating manual of the excavator to ensure that the operation complies with safety standards.

By following these steps and techniques, you can effectively improve the efficiency and safety of the excavator's use. At the same time, continuous learning and practice, as well as accumulating experience, are also important ways to improve operational skills.


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