How to deal with unstable idle and insufficient power faults in excavators?

March 05,2024

Excavators may encounter malfunctions such as unstable idle and insufficient power in daily work, which may cause equipment to malfunction and affect project progress. Next, let's learn about the causes and corresponding solutions of unstable idle and insufficient power faults in excavators, to help operators quickly troubleshoot and restore normal equipment operation.


The causes of unstable idle and insufficient power faults in excavators.

Fuel system issues: Low fuel pressure, clogged fuel filters, clogged fuel injectors, etc., resulting in insufficient fuel supply or poor atomization, causing unstable engine idling and insufficient power.Engine intake system issues: Air filter blockage, intake pipe leakage, etc., resulting in insufficient engine intake, affecting combustion efficiency, causing unstable idle and decreased power.

Engine electrical system issues: ignition system malfunctions, abnormal sensor signals, etc., resulting in abnormal engine operation, unstable idle and insufficient power.

Hydraulic system issues: Insufficient hydraulic pump pressure, hydraulic oil circuit blockage, cylinder leakage, etc., resulting in slow operation of excavator working devices and reduced operational efficiency.

Improper engine maintenance: Long term use of inferior fuel or failure to regularly maintain the engine can cause internal wear or carbon buildup, resulting in unstable idle and insufficient power.

Handling methods for unstable idle and insufficient power faults in excavators.

Check the fuel system: Check if the fuel pressure is normal, and if there are any problems, adjust the fuel pressure; Clean fuel filters, fuel injectors, and other components to ensure sufficient fuel supply and good atomization.

Check the engine intake system: clean or replace the air filter, check for air leaks in the intake pipeline, and keep the intake unobstructed.

Check the engine electrical system: Check if the ignition system is working properly, replace damaged ignition coils and spark plugs; Check if the sensor signal is normal, and if there are any abnormalities, repair or replace them.

Check the hydraulic system: check if the pressure of the hydraulic pump is normal, clean the hydraulic oil circuit, replace seals and other components; Ensure that the hydraulic system is working properly.

Engine maintenance: Regularly replace engine oil and filters, clean engine carbon deposits, use high-quality fuel, and maintain the engine in good condition.

Check the engine control unit: If there are no issues with the above checks, consider checking if there is a fault in the engine control unit. If necessary, the control unit can be replaced or repaired.

Preventive measure

Regular maintenance: According to the manufacturer's recommendations, perform regular maintenance on the excavator, including replacing oil, filters, and other components, to ensure that the engine is in good working condition.

Using high-quality fuel: Using high-quality fuel helps to protect the engine and avoid idle instability and insufficient power caused by fuel quality issues.

Operating procedures: Operators should be familiar with the operating procedures of excavators and avoid using equipment under extreme conditions. Reasonable operation helps to reduce the occurrence of faults.

Monitoring equipment status: Operators should always pay attention to the working status of excavators, and promptly handle any abnormal situations to prevent small problems from turning into major faults.

Professional maintenance: If encountering an unresolved malfunction, seek the help of professional maintenance personnel. They have rich experience and professional knowledge, and can provide accurate diagnosis and repair services.

Unstable idle and insufficient power of excavators may be caused by various reasons. By inspecting the fuel system, intake system, electrical system, hydraulic system, and engine control unit, and taking corresponding measures, these problems can be effectively solved. At the same time, regular maintenance, use of high-quality fuel, standardized operation, equipment status monitoring, and professional maintenance are also important measures to prevent and reduce such faults. Operators and maintenance personnel should have a thorough understanding of these methods in order to quickly troubleshoot and restore normal equipment operation.


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