How to maintain an excavator

April 30,2024

Maintenance is a prerequisite to keep excavators healthy and energetic and work efficiently.20 small habits of excavator maintenance


Maintenance of engine


1.Oil and oil filter elements must use regular brands and channel products, so as to be inspected and replaced regularly;

2. Check the air filter frequently.When the outer filter element is dusty, use compressed air to blow it from the inside out.The air pressure should not be too high to prevent the filterelement from being blown out. The internal filter cannot be cleaned. After cleaning the external filter for two or three times, it needs to be replaced with the internal filter;

3. lt is best to use diesel oil provided by regulargas stations, and it needs to be filtered before joining(the more common way is to put socks on the gas filler);

4 .Do not work at idle speed for a long time to save fuel and prevent carbon deposition;accumulation;

Hydraulic maintenance


1.Hydraulic oil, oil return filter element and pilot filter element should be inspected and replaced regularly;

2.When the hydraulic oil is short of oil, it should be added in time;

3.Pay attention to exhaust air after replacing hydraulic oil or hydraulic components.

Electrical maintenance

1. Excavators should not be involved in deep water operations;

2. Don't pile up sundries in the excavator battery box, so as not to lead Fire;

3. Don't replace insurance with iron wire and copper wire, and don't replace it with substandard insurance;

4. When the excavator is parked for a long time, the battery cable should be removed to prevent power loss.

Maintenance of machinery

1. Pay attention to the excavator slewing reducer and walking reducer regularly.Change gear oil;

2. Pay attention to cleaning up dirt and sundries in the pin shaft part, and add butter; 3.When the water overflows the rotary gear ring during wading operation, remember to replace the butter in the rotary gear ring;

4.Pay attention to the rust prevention of oil cylinder rod;

5. When the excavator is parked for a long time, the exposed metal part shall be smeared.

Butter rust prevention;

Maintenance of structure

1. Check the excavator pin bolt for looseness, falling off and missing every day, and tighten it in time;

2. Check the structure for cracking and deformation every day;

3. When parking the excavator, pay attention to the surrounding environment, park it on a solid and stable ground, and don't park it by the river, on the edge of a cliff or under a mountain slope;

4.Park the excavator, the oil cylinder of the bucket is fully retracted, and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent the oil cylinder from being hit;

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