Komatsu used excavators, trustworthy quality assurance in ethiopia

November 02,2023

As a professional wholesaler of used excavators, we have a large selection of high-quality Komatsu brand used excavators to choose from. These equipment have been strictly tested and refurbished by our professional team, which can provide you with reliable quality assurance.

As a leading brand in the industry, Komatsu's products are known for their efficiency, reliability and durability. Its electronic control technology is at the leading level in the industry.

The Komatsu used equipment we provide retains these high-quality genes intact.


We have our own maintenance workshop, which can carry out special renovation and customization of equipment to bring its performance to near-new levels. Whether it's an engine system, motion system or electronic system, we have the ability to perform a complete overhaul.


When you buy our Komatsu used equipment, you don't have to worry about subsequent maintenance. We provide complete maintenance records for each piece of equipment to ensure it is in good condition. We will also continue to provide maintenance support and spare parts supply to keep your equipment running like new for a long time. 

When you choose us, you choose the best Komatsu used excavator in the industry. Let's join hands and establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Looking forward to your call!

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