Powerful and fuel-efficient Komatsu's new generation of national fourth-generation diggers, which one catches your eye in Indonesia?

August 23,2023

In recent years, under the superimposition of multiple factors such as the tightening of environmental protection policies, the switch of the National IV standard, and the rise in oil prices, the purchase cost and operating cost of excavators have risen sharply, and energy-saving and fuel-efficient excavators are more popular among users. In order to better meet customer needs, various manufacturers have continued to make efforts in terms of efficiency, fuel consumption, configuration, etc., and have continued to upgrade and iterate, and high-quality and efficient National IV products have been launched one after another.

The new generation of National IV excavators launched by Komatsu further optimizes the design on the basis of the advantages of the original products, achieving faster excavation speed, higher loading efficiency, and lower maintenance and operation costs. Today, the editor has sorted out several Komatsu country four excavators, which are convenient for bosses to refer to when choosing and purchasing excavators.

Fuel-efficient and reliable——PC200-11M0


Working weight: 20500~21900kg

Rated power: 123.2kW

Bucket capacity: 0.94~1.20m³

01. Expert comments

Compared with PC200-8M0, the average fuel consumption of PC200-11M0 is about 7% lower than that of PC200-8M0. With a unique set of fuel-saving and high-efficiency combinations, TA can bring users higher fuel efficiency and can also bring users Very substantial earnings.

02. Product Highlights

High quality: cast steel forming process, optimized design of boom and stick, higher strength; 3D CAD finite element analysis, overall strengthening of turntable structure, stronger durability; self-exhausting air pre-filter and coolant filter, Long service life and good filtration efficiency.High performance: Equipped with Komatsu's new-generation National IV engine, the power is as high as 123.2kW, which has passed the extreme environment test of high temperature, plateau and high cold, and can easily cope with a variety of harsh working conditions; equipped with a complete machine control system, variable matching of engine and hydraulic system Enhanced control for efficient operation with better fuel economy.

Crushing main force - PC235HD-11M0


Working weight: 23500kg

Rated power: 123.2kW

Bucket capacity: 1.20~1.30m³

01. Expert comments

The newly upgraded PC235HD-11M0 National IV machine is as soft as ever in operation and better in coordination, but its strength is "Komatsu". Reasonable flow matching makes the whole machine work with high quality and high efficiency, realizing the combination of power and beauty!

02. Product Highlights

High quality: the overall strengthening of working devices, high-strength car body structure, larger one-stage chassis, and full-size roller guards greatly improve the reliability and durability of the whole machine, and additional cab protective nets and anti-collision strips , the construction is safer and can adapt to more severe working conditions.

High performance: Equipped with Komatsu's new-generation National IV engine, with a high power of 123.2kW, which can provide a steady stream of strong power for the equipment; equipped with a new engine control system, electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, and upgraded combustion chamber structure, the engine performance is greatly improved , to achieve efficient combustion and clean emissions.

Solid chassis - PC260LC-11M0


Working weight: 26000~26600kg

Rated power: 141.2kW

Bucket capacity: 1.40~1.60m³

01. Expert comments

PC260LC-11M0 is Komatsu’s heavyweight earthwork work. The chassis structure is strengthened, which is more suitable for heavy operations and large earthwork construction. TA’s high efficiency performance and low operating cost have received good market feedback. It is truly an indispensable product. Multi-working condition "sharp weapon".

02. Product Highlights

High quality: new and optimized enhanced working device, 3D CAD structure finite element analysis, to achieve a solid body, more reliable and durable, more powerful digging; equipped with self-exhausting air pre-filter and large-capacity oil-water separation fuel pre-filter, strong adaptability , Handy in the face of heavy loads and large earthworks in harsh environments.

High performance: Equipped with Komatsu's new generation of National IV environmental protection engine, the power is as high as 141.2kW, and the power is more abundant; at the same time, its hydraulic system and power matching are fully optimized, and it is equipped with a newly designed high-efficiency main pump, which has a capacity increase of 12% compared with PC240LC-8M0 %, while improving operating efficiency, fuel consumption is reduced by about 7%.

It is worth mentioning that Komatsu's new generation of National IV excavators are equipped with a new engine electronic control system and exhaust after-treatment system for construction machinery, matched with a newly designed large-capacity and high-efficiency main pump, which greatly reduces fuel consumption and saves costs. Also very impressive. Friends who want to buy a machine in the near future can consider buying according to their own needs and preferences. If you want to know more about National IV products, please log in to the Iron Arm Mall for details. Multiple brands and full models are waiting for you to choose!

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