Rainy season is approaching, construction and maintenance precautions for excavators

March 13,2024

Rainy season precautions

The arrival of summer heralds the beginning of the rainy season. Extreme weather can lead to natural disasters such as river overflows, flash floods, and landslides. What are the response measures for rainy season construction, excavation enthusiasts? Today, I will talk to you about the precautions for construction and maintenance of excavators during the rainy season.


Rainy season construction precautions

Inspect before construction

Check if the construction environment is soft and there is a risk of vehicle sinking;

Observe the possibility of landslides, collapses, and mudslides.

Be cautious in homework

When working in water, the water depth should not exceed the centerline of the track carrier roller;

Be vigilant when working in unfamiliar and dangerous environments, and avoid blind work;

If equipment sinks during construction, be sure to evacuate the hazardous area as soon as possible.

Rainy season parking precautions

Level one: After the work is completed, turn off the main power switch at will (note: the National IV SCR route engine needs to wait for 10 minutes).


Second inspection: Check the sealing condition of the fuel tank and hydraulic tank cover; Check the sealing of the engine oil dipstick and oil filling port.


Three releases: The hammer is erected vertically to retract the piston to the back position, preventing the piston from entering water and rusting.


Rainy season maintenance precautions

Appearance cleaning: Rinse the mud and sand on the excavator with clean water to ensure a clean appearance;

Supplemental lubrication: Apply lubricating grease to each lubrication point to enhance the wear resistance and rust prevention of the machinery;

Paint maintenance: Remove rust and repaint the surface of the equipment to improve its service life.

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