Sany used excavator cabs for sale in Iran

July 14,2023

Iran, a country full of mystery, has gradually become a part of my work. As a sales representative of Sany Heavy Industry, I brought a batch of second-hand excavators to this hospitable country and started a different journey.

When I first arrived at Tehran Airport, I was a little overwhelmed by the exotic buildings and slogans. Fortunately, Xiao Wang, sent by the local partner, warmly welcomed us and helped us solve problems such as check-in and transportation. We arrived at the reserved hotel smoothly, and started working after a brief rest.

In the early morning of the next day, we embarked on a journey to find customers.

There are much more construction sites here than imagined, and tall buildings and projects are blooming everywhere in the field of vision. We drove the car to each construction site to sell our lightweight and durable second-hand excavators to the person in charge. At first, everyone was not enthusiastic about our products, but through patient explanations and on-site operation demonstrations, they gradually attracted the attention of customers.

Slowly, orders began to be fulfilled one after another. Customers seem to have a high degree of trust in the Sany brand. With a little explanation, everyone can understand the advantages of our second-hand equipment. Maybe the users here pay more attention to cost-effectiveness, and our second-hand mobile phones just meet their needs.

After work, we will also take advantage of the weekend to go deep into this ancient city.

The heritage of ancient Persian culture makes this city full of charm. The people are warm and friendly, which also makes the journey feel warm. It's just that the language barrier often brings us trouble when traveling, but the translation provided by the partner is still a great help.

This business trip gave me a new understanding of Iran. There are not only huge business opportunities here, but also a country worth visiting in depth. Our Sany excavators are also welcomed and recognized here. Looking forward to more business opportunities in the future, let us deepen our mutual understanding. It is also hoped that the Sany brand can gain popularity in this dynamic country and gain the favor of more users.

A month later, we finally completed the task and returned home with the order and good memories. This trip to Iran not only broadened my horizons, but also gave me full confidence in the future development of the company.



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