Second hand excavator require extra caution

May 26,2023

second hand excavator require extra caution during night operations and must strictly follow operating specifications to ensure work safety.

The main points are as follows:

Fully inspection before operation. Operators must fully inspect the second-hand excavator before night operation, focusing on the lighting system, computing and control system, safety protection device, etc. to ensure normal operation before work. 

Develop a detailed work plan. A concrete and feasible work plan must be developed before the night operation to assess the on-site lighting conditions and work environment, clearly define the work content and scope. Operators must strictly implement the plan without changing it at will.

Choose a suitable work position. Night operations should choose sites that have been cleared during the day, use open terrain and clear view positions. Avoid narrow spaces or blind spots, arrange adequate lighting properly to ensure that the operator and the surrounding environment have sufficient vision. 

Strictly control the operation speed. The operating speed at night should not be too fast, and should determine a safe speed according to road conditions and weather.

The moving speed of each part of the second-hand excavator should also be strictly controlled during operation in case of any emergencies.


Properly use work lights. The headlights of the second-hand excavator are mainly used for driving. Operators must be proficient in using work lights to focus the illumination on the work area and avoid over glare to the surroundings.  

Maintain a high degree of vigilance. Night vision is poor during night operations and safety hazards increase. Operators must be highly concentrated, constantly monitor the operating status of the second-hand excavator and environmental changes, and regularly use night vision equipment to avoid fatigue driving.


Strengthen protection and care. Night shifts should arrange special supervision to ensure that the lighting and warning facilities are functioning properly. Temporary traffic control measures can be implemented if necessary. The doors and windows of the second-hand excavator should be closed to reduce noise interference and protection work should be well done.  In summary, although night operations can improve work efficiency, safety risks also increase accordingly. Strictly following operating regulations, taking comprehensive monitoring and protection measures, and regularly inspecting and maintaining second hand excavators are the keys to ensure the safety of night operations. Safety should never be ignored to prevent accidents.


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