The epitome of mini excavator EC60DLperformance in Singapore

October 10,2023

In the used construction equipment market, the EC60DL series of mini excavators has always been very popular. Its excellent performance and excellent cost performance make it the best choice for contractors and rental companies.

EC60DL adopts the high-quality hydraulic system of Japan's Komatsu Company, which has flexible and stable operation and can cope with various construction environments.

The operating weight of 5.7 tons perfectly balances strength and maneuverability. It can not only undertake earthworks, but also be suitable for delicate construction such as landscaping.


The 260-degree excavation rotation range and the maximum excavation radius of 7.1 meters mean that you can carry out excavation operations in a wider range and improve efficiency. In addition, the various standard accessories also make the EC60DL capable of a variety of tasks, making it an all-rounder in engineering projects.

Komatsu's advanced craftsmanship and Japanese quality ensure the reliability and durability of the EC60DL. The main structure is durable and each key component has undergone strict ultrasonic flaw detection to ensure its inherent quality. At the same time, the low fuel consumption Cummins engine also reduces the cost of use.

Here with us you can find fully overhauled used EC60DL mini excavators. It provides the performance output of a nearly new model at a great value price, making it an ideal used equipment choice. Take action and let EC60DL become your good helper for reinstallation!


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