Volvo machine or Doosan machine: Which brand is better in performance in Dubai ?

December 23,2023

In the field of construction machinery, which brand, volvo Machinery or Doosan Machinery, attracts more attention? What are their respective advantages and characteristics? What differences exist?


1. Brand background

volvo Machinery and Doosan Machinery are both well-known construction machinery brands, but their brand backgrounds are different. Ao Er Ao is a European and American brand with a long history and rich experience, and usually has inherent advantages in the quality of key parts. Doosan Machinery is a Korean brand that has emerged in the field of construction machinery in recent years. Its products may have certain gaps in some aspects.

2. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is one of the core components of construction machinery and has a vital impact on the performance and service life of the equipment. Ao Er Ao machines use European or Japanese hydraulics, while Doosan Machinery uses Korean hydraulics. In terms of the quality of hydraulic parts, Japanese, European and American products may be better than Korean products. Therefore, when selecting construction machinery, the quality of the hydraulic system is also one of the important factors to consider.

3. Performance comparison

In addition to the brand background and hydraulic system, there are also some differences in performance between volvo Machinery and Doosan Machinery. For example, there may be certain differences between products of different brands in terms of the excavator's bucket digging force, rotation speed, and walking speed. In addition, products of different brands may also differ in terms of operating comfort and maintenance convenience. Therefore, when choosing construction machinery, you need to decide which brand of product to choose based on actual needs and budget.

4. Summary

To sum up, there are some differences between Ao Er Ao Machinery and Doosan Machinery in terms of brand background, hydraulic system and performance. When choosing construction machinery, you need to decide which brand of product to choose based on actual needs and budget. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to issues such as product quality and after-sales service to ensure that the selected products can meet your needs and provide you with a better experience.

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