Where can I buy used Komatsu excavators in United States?

January 12,2024

I have always been very optimistic about Komatsu excavators, but I don’t have much spare money, so I want to buy a used komatsu excavator. Where can I buy one?

In response to the questions from netizens, the editor recommends that you go to some large used mobile phone markets. It is more reliable to find big merchants.

If you want to make a comparison, it is recommended that you go to some large used excavator markets. There are many used Komatsu excavators. For example, in the emerging used excavator market in Shanghai, Shanghai juexiang is also worth considering. Yibaidu also has offline physical stores in Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Shandong, and Henan. Or you can find a reliable person who sells used Komatsu excavators.

In fact, where to choose is not the most important, the key is how to choose and how to judge the quality of used excavators:

large used excavator

If you buy a used excavator, it is best to bring an experienced master with you to test the machine on site. Through the test machine, you can understand the general condition of the excavator.

1. In the engine, pay attention to whether there is exhaust oil, whether there are any burrs in the sound, etc.Hydraulic pressure depends on the operation, the sound of the hydraulic pump, and whether there is oil leakage in the multi-way valve. Oil leakage in the multi-way valve is difficult to fix.

Which properties are most important

Mini excavators first appeared in the mid-1980s, and now the equipment has many features that older models do not have. Therefore, users need to know in advance what functions and components the machine they want to buy has.

Hydraulic servo control rods are better than old-fashioned joysticks, and bulldozers are sometimes not standard; of course, users may want to find a device with an articulated boom, which makes it easier to work close to buildings and auxiliary pipes; zero-tail rotation It is particularly important for builders who need to work in a compact environment.

large used excavator

About Buckets and Booms

Excavators were not always used as a digging machine; builders sometimes used them to drive piles or used them to lay pipes. Therefore, users need to pay attention to the condition of the bucket and ensure that there are no problems with the piling, crushing and traveling devices.

Another important part is the bucket cylinder connecting pin and bushing. Be sure to check the tightness of these places. Many problems arise from neglected maintenance and inspections. When the user starts the machine and moves the bucket, stick and rear arm, he may see the pin or cylinder moving, but the stick and bucket do not move. This is because the pin and bushings are loose. caused.

Another key point is to carefully check the connection between the rear arm and the excavator. If the connection under the rear arm is worn excessively, it may result in the loss of the value of the entire equipment.

Oil leakage means that the entire oil circuit may be contaminated

It is very important to check the hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe. The best case scenario is that the chrome-plated surface of the hydraulic cylinder has no scratches, dents or signs of oil leakage. If hydraulic oil leaks out, dust may have contaminated the hydraulic system. Also make sure the cylinder wall is not damaged or dented. The gap between the cylinder and the cylinder wall is very small. As long as there is a debris in the pipe, it will cause the cylinder to produce a large amount of metal chips due to wear during operation, and remain in the hydraulic system.

Be wary of welding on car bodies

Check the excavator carefully for cracks and welding marks that are not from the original manufacturing process. These things indicate that the machine has been used excessively. Another good method is to place a straight plate on the rear arm and stick to see if there is any misalignment or distortion.

Pay special attention to the repair of excess steel plate. There may be some scratches and dents on a used phone, but having too many patches on it could mean the device has been around for a long time.

Rubber tracks and undercarriage

The rubber tracks on small excavators are different from the steel tracks on larger machines and are suitable for use on grass and driveways. Many times users do not inspect rubber tracks for wear as closely as they do steel tracks. As a result, we only see the wear of the rubber track, but not the large amount of wear on the sprockets and supporting wheels. We can estimate its use by checking the cracks on the rubber track and the wear on the edges, just like paying attention to the tires when looking at tire wear. The texture is the same. Due to different usage patterns and soil conditions, the working life of rubber tracks also varies greatly. Generally speaking, its average life is about 2,000 hours. However, if you work in an environment with rocks or easy to wear, the service life will be halved; conversely, in a better environment, the operating life will be doubled accordingly.

When users check the tracks and chassis, don't forget to check the oil level and cleanliness before driving. This part is easily overlooked.

Driving operation inspection

After the engine is warmed up and started, tilt the machine so that it stands on only one side of the track, and alternate the tracks on both sides to stand. Note how many times you can do this in 30 seconds or 60 seconds, and compare it to other tracks. The crawler running device of the excavator has a built-in flow meter. If the two do not have the same flow rate, then there is a problem. Another way to check is to drive the excavator for 10 meters on flat ground. If it runs in a straight line, you can know that the running conditions of the walking devices on both sides are equally good. Also check the slewing ring gear and slewing bearing. Under normal circumstances, the upper part can start turning smoothly and stop accurately with little or no deviation. For a small excavator, its slewing ring gear and slewing bearing should have as long a life as the machine, so any questions about this part must be paid attention to.

Engine hood

Open the hood and check the exhaust pipe for signs of smoke. You can pull out the dipstick and check for smoke. Excessive smoke usually indicates that the piston rings need to be replaced, and it may not be long before the engine is overhauled.

Check the air filter unit and all pipes and pipe clamps. Just a little bit of dust is enough to destroy the entire engine. Pay attention to dust or dirt accumulated on the terminal. Also check the fan to make sure the belt is tight. Check the radiator to make sure it is clean. Neglecting the cooling system and air intake system is likely to cause the engine to overheat, thus shortening the life of the machine.

Basic inspections also include checking the radiator fluid and engine oil, checking the battery for corrosion, and looking for obvious leaks around the engine.

 used excavator

used excavator

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